PGE Invoice Payment Information




The data available reflects the activity over the last rolling year based on data entry date. The data is updated daily.
Enter two of the available fields below to gain access to the system.

POs created before 10/5/21 use x9999-9999 or after 10/5/21 use 99999 with or without leading zeroes.

Once you have successfully found one invoice and locked in the supplier number, you will be able to expand the date range.

Note: Note: If your results are ‘no data found’, it is likely PGE has your invoice but isn’t internally approved yet. If you use the Coupa portal, please research there. Otherwise, you can email the invoice to with note stating ‘no data found’ in PGE portal.

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PO Number    PO format: X9999-9999 OR 99999
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