What are the top 10 common reasons that we are unable to pay an invoice as submitted?

  • Unit of measure mismatch (i.e. - Purchase Order in KG, invoice in LB)

  • Line item mismatch on Invoice vs. Purchase Order (if one line is incorrect, the entire invoice does not pay)

  • Currency Mismatch (i.e. Purchase Order in USD, Invoice in EURO)

  • Invoice missing a valid Purchase Order#

  • Invoice with Shopping Cart # only (not an approved PO# which is needed to pay)

  • Multiple Purchase Order #s listed on one invoice

  • "Blanket" format PO without available funds (where the quantity is the dollar amount and price is 1)

  • PO Quantity is "1" with multiple invoices submitted (line already used with no remaining funds to qualify)

  • Overbilling/Incorrect price vs. PO/contract/catalog (if applicable)

  • Freight-Only invoices against a material Purchase Order

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